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Awan LLC is the leading company in the LPG market in Muscat, and to stay ahead in the market Awan LLC has created an online platform where consumers can order their LPG online and receive effortlessly in a timely manner. Moreover this online platform will help the delivery drivers receive orders from customers with locations and hence streamline their delivery process. The online platform will available as an application for IOS and Android, moreover it will also be accessible online through the Awan LLC website.

In Awan LLC we are proud to be the leaders of LPG suppliers in Muscat, supplying cooking gas to a vast range of consumers from  small households to busy restaurants. We are extremely proud to play a small but significant part in the Omani economy moving forward.


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Awan LLC operates a refilling plant located in Wadi Kabir, the refilling plant has given Awan LLC the capability of providing 5000+ LPG cylinders per day, hence enriching the Omani economy and providing an opportunity for many Omani LPG delivery drivers.