About Awan

Established in 1991, Awan has grown to be the leading LPG distributer in Muscat. Awan currently holds distribution operation in several regions in Sultanate of Oman, namely,Muscat, Mattrah, Bowsher, Al Amerat and Al Suwaiq. Headquartered in Al Ghala, Awan has dedicated go-downs and a bottling plant to provide efficient and cost effective services to its clients. The sole supplier of LPG to Awan is Muscat Gases SAOG.
Currently, Awan deals with a surplus of 5000 cylinders per day.

Our Vision

Awan is committed to improving the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the distribution of household cooking gas cylinders (LPG) in Oman.

Our Values

At Awan, we strive to achieve growth and superior services through the following key values:

  •  Construct innovative and reliable solutions to deliver excellence.
  •  Provide quality services with the highest levels of safety to personals and protection to the environment.
  •  Conduct operations ethically and with integrity.
  •  Define the interests and our commitments to our clients as the primary objective.


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