Gas Distribution in Oman


The energy sector has been growing in leaps and bounds, and it has continued to grow even in uncertain economic times. It has become a world leader in oil and gas production due to which it controls the significant sectors of these reserves worldwide. Substantial discoveries of gas reserves have led to massive projects and opening up of the new business of export as well as selling it to householders.

As several large projects use vast amounts of LPG for their daily operations, Awan Company LLC delivers BULK LPG to commercial and industrial uses.

The Awan Company LLC provides delivery of Cooking gas at the households safely and efficiently. They can achieve this because Awan Company LLC network consists of four godowns Al Ghala, Wadi Kabir, Al Amarat and Al Bidaya (Suwaiq). These godowns provide central locations where delivery drivers can visit to replace their used LPG cylinders for new filled cylinders.

One main bottling (refilling) plant is located in Wadi Kabir. The refilling is where the used LPG cylinders are sent to be inspected, and quality checked before they are refilled.

You can reach out to them using their dedicated app, which accepts Cash, Online Payments (Debit Cards) and Thawani Pay. Or, for commercial and BULK LPG Distribution, the customer can reach out to them via mail

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